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"This is my favorite set of all time! Our local comic shop is called Time Tunnel. I gave the owner the Time Tunnel cards from both series 1 and 2 and he was as happy as I had ever seen him."

[…] We went to the Market Square at Kea farm, Sungei Palas BOH tea plantation, the mossy forest, Butterfly Garden, agrofarm tour and the must-visit Time Tunnel museum. […]

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But looking back, this is probably the 2016 version of the Hippies of 1966 only 50 years later. They’re against anything and everything traditional, legal, or moral. And if they don’t get their way or aren’t allowed to win, it’s someone else’s fault. And the way to fix that is to break store windows and turn over police cars. Makes sense to me.”

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I do have a question for those who have watched The Time Tunnel . The novel refers to Meriwether’s character as “the MacGregor” rather than just “MacGregor” or “Dr. MacGregor.” Was this something Leinster came up with or was she called that in the TV series as well?

Timetunnel - I Gave The LineTimetunnel - I Gave The Line