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Supro 2020 (Westbury Flame) $369 (was $1,099)
Epiphone Les Paul SL (Ebony) $99 (was $174)
Gibson 2016 SG Special (Satin Vintage Sunburst) $599 (was $739)
Gibson Les Paul Classic 2017 T Electric Guitar Fireburst $1,599 (was $1,999)
Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut 2015 Electric Guitar $579 (MSRP $1,832)
Gibson Les Paul Traditional Mahogany Top 2015 Electric Guitar $1,499 (was $2,999)
Gibson 2017 Les Paul Studio T (Wine Red) $1,099 (was $1,499)
Gibson 2015 Les Paul CM $429 (was $699)
Gibson Left Handed Les Paul Signature (Alpine White Burst) $1,099 (was $2,099)
Gibson Left Handed Les Paul Studio (Alpine White) $749 (was $1,599)
Gibson Les Paul Classic 2017 T Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst $1,499 (was $1,999)
Gibson 2015 SG Standard (Fireburst) $899 (was $1,879)
ESP LTD SN-200HT $269 (was $389)
Line 6 POD HD PRO Multi Effects Processor $599 (was $699)
Line 6 POD HD500X Multi Effects Processor $449 (was $499)
Line 6 AMPLIFi 150 Guitar Combo Amp $499 (was $399)
Line 6 AMPLIFi 30 Guitar Combo Amp $249 (was $299)
Line 6 AMPLIFi TT Guitar Processor $149 (was $199)
Line 6 Relay G10T Guitar Wireless System $159 (was $179)
Hotone Skyline Series LIFTUP Clean Boost Pedal $29 (was $49)
Hotone Blues Overdrive Nano Guitar Pedal $34 (was $49)
Line 6 Spider Classic 15 15-Watt 1x8" Modeling Guitar Combo Amplifier $99 (was $119)

Number 1 Investment Bank in East Africa
Founded in 1954
One of the  original 6 founding members of the  NSE
Over 60 years in the  capital markets
Based  in 3 countries
Established in 4 cities
Retail investor base in excess of 220,000
Executed $840 Million IPO – Safaricom
Compiled  NSE 17 share index for 25 years
Capital base in excess of KShs. 1 Billion
Executed over 24 IPOs and Rights Issues
Arranged over 10 Corporate Bonds

Compressed and vacuum sealed into a box, these mattresses are designed
specifically for shipping and are sleep ready in just minutes. Once unwrapped, these beds
expand to their normal size. Then, it’s ready for you to get a good night’s sleep.

Miss Viceroy-Grieve said that Paul had told her that he had been still in his boxer shorts when the paramedic had arrived at their family home, in Barrow, Cumbria.

Brands We Stock: Alaia, Antik Batik, Antonio Marras, Chantal Thomass, Fratelli Rossetti, Hogan, John Galliano, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren, Tara Jarmon,Tod's, Valentino, Dior.

"The things I want to do now aren't necessarily the things that are expected of me. I don't want to play a teenager anymore."

Market pioneer established in 1954, Dyer & Blair has been a pivotal player in the development and transformation of the local and regional capital markets through ...

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Viceroy, The - Body BagViceroy, The - Body BagViceroy, The - Body BagViceroy, The - Body Bag